TfD for the new R25?

Looks like a new versions is needed to work on 25. Are we gonna see this soon?

The latest Windows Build v1.0 1478 supports R25. The Mac build for R25 is coming soon.


Thanks! I was still on 77, didn’t noticed 78. Perfect, downloading.

I’m using R25 and latest plugin v1.0 1478 and when I try to delete a Turbulence FD container it crashes C4D! Any advice?

I was not able to reproduce this crash.
Could you please provide additional information about this issue as described here?
Thank you.

Hello, I’m using TFD vs 1479 on C4D R25 windows 10 with GTX 3080. Everything seems to work except the Preview window, which is greyed out. When using the same version on R21 the preview window works fine.turbulence.txt (179.6 KB)