Turbulence FD Version 2.0?

Hi, just saw a 2015 talk at a GPU conference about TFD v. 2.0. Is there any news looking forward to? :slight_smile:

Regards nach München,

The title of that talk was poorly chosen. It makes it sound today like an extremely premature announcement. Since then i chose to err on the side of silence :slight_smile: But the project has grown non-stop.

It’s not news quite yet, but i’m hoping we can start showing previews by the end of the year.
In general terms, the main aspects of the next release are

  • Modularity - open up and pick apart the Fluid Container
  • Customization - build your own pieces for a simulation
  • Tools for data types other than voxel grids.
    TFD1 processes particles, meshes and textures on the CPU, only voxels go to the GPU. This is a major performance bottleneck. The new engine processes everything on the GPU and also provides tool sets to create and manipulate non-voxel data.

I’ve slightly update the title and thanks for your answer. :sunglasses:

That is very good to hear, that the development continues.

Everybody is speaking about Houdini these days for VFX…

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But every time I look at a video of working with Houdini…I get cold sweats and feel ill

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These are great news! Cant wait for a full GPU solution that also meshes the fluid. XParticles are ok, but TFD is many times faster and more features are more than welcome :slight_smile:

Is there a plan to include the support for c4d forces, especially Field Force?

Not quite ready to discuss specific features yet.

Sure, no problem, consider it as a feature request then, seems you could have crazy motion control with Field Force alone.

This type of functionality will be available in some form. It’s just the details of the integration that are still in flight.

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That sounds exciting, thanks for reply!