Turbulence FD Version 2.0?

Hi, just saw a 2015 talk at a GPU conference about TFD v. 2.0. Is there any news looking forward to? :slight_smile:

Regards nach München,

The title of that talk was poorly chosen. It makes it sound today like an extremely premature announcement. Since then i chose to err on the side of silence :slight_smile: But the project has grown non-stop.

It’s not news quite yet, but i’m hoping we can start showing previews by the end of the year.
In general terms, the main aspects of the next release are

  • Modularity - open up and pick apart the Fluid Container
  • Customization - build your own pieces for a simulation
  • Tools for data types other than voxel grids.
    TFD1 processes particles, meshes and textures on the CPU, only voxels go to the GPU. This is a major performance bottleneck. The new engine processes everything on the GPU and also provides tool sets to create and manipulate non-voxel data.

I’ve slightly update the title and thanks for your answer. :sunglasses:

That is very good to hear, that the development continues.

Everybody is speaking about Houdini these days for VFX…

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But every time I look at a video of working with Houdini…I get cold sweats and feel ill

These are great news! Cant wait for a full GPU solution that also meshes the fluid. XParticles are ok, but TFD is many times faster and more features are more than welcome :slight_smile: