TurbulenceFD build 1466 (C4D, macOS)

Changes in this build:

  • C4D R23, macOS: Support new Apple Metal viewport
  • C4D, macOS: Fixed issue that caused keyboard shortcuts to be ignored

Licensed Download at https://jawset.com/install
Free Learning Edition at https://jawset.com/try

Hi Jascha :slight_smile:
Does this build work in R21? If so, where can I find install instructions?
Thank you!

Yes. C4D R15 through R23 are supported. You can find the installation instructions in the README.txt when you open the downloaded .dmg file.

:grinning: Thank you! :grinning:

I have no viewport display showing up in R23, OSX.

Does this also happen with one of the example files like waving_torch.v4d?
If so, please send the log file ~/Library/Preferences/jawset/turbulence.log to support@jawset.com.
Thank you.

Yes… and sent.

The same problem in Cinema R22, OSX. No viewport display showing.

This build does not support S22. Please consider upgrading to R23.

Is that just for MAC or is it unsupported in Windoze R20 -22

This build is a Mac-only update.

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What do you mean exactly supports the metal viewport?

TFD’s viewport preview used to be rendered using the OpenGL API, which C4D R23 does not support anymore. Instead it uses Apple’s Metal API now. This update makes TFD compatible with the new viewport technology in C4D R23.

Hi, Just wanted to confirm… I’m also not getting any viewport display in R23 on Mac OSX.
We are running High Sierra ( essential to keep support for Nvidia GPUs). Could that be the reason?

Yes. 1466 currently requires macOS 10.14 or newer to support the Metal viewport. I’ll look into whether it can be made to work on 10.13 as well.

hmmm…It works in R21, though, just not in R23.

Yes, R21 still uses OpenGL for its viewport. The compatibility issue relates to the new Metal viewport in R23.

So I just want to confirm something here… if we want to continue using Turbulence FD in the current version of Cinema on OSX… we can no longer use Nvidia GPUs and therefore can not use GPU accelerated simulations in TurbulenceFD?.. Nvidia GPUS aren’t compatible in anything later than High Sierra (10.13.6)… If thats the case… that sounds like the end of TFD on Mac?

I’m confused, too. Obviously, we CAN use Nvidia GPUs in OSX High Sierra with this build, because that is exactly what I’m doing in R21, and it works just fine. BUT, the build was supposed to work with the new metal viewport in R23. That’s the one thing it’s NOT doing for me. Is it just that the viewport in R23 won’t work with any OS under 10.14? Does turbulence GPU acceleration work with the new MAC GPUs? (I know I can’t stay on 10.13 with my Nvidia GPUs forever… Adobe updates are increasingly becoming incompatible, for instance)

The lack of 10.13 support for TFD on R23 may be fixable. I cannot draw any conclusions yet.

The next major release will also support GPU simulation based on Metal. Whether this will then work on 10.13 with Nvidia GPUs i don’t know.